Sunday, 3 February 2013

Emotionally Perfect Photo vs the Technically Perfect Photo

Love, love your post Karen. I have been watching wistfully when the registrations open and I would so love to be given a chance to learn from you.  Thanks for the opportunity.   
There are so many moments or photos I could have chosen, but I guess this is one of the least technical photos I've taken :). It's blurry, crooked, has a cropped head...  But still I love it for what it is and for the memory that I will never lose.  Having lost my Dad already I really value the memories that photos (perfect or imperfect) allow me to keep. 
My Mum had just given a special book to one of our sons on his birthday and my eldest was so excited about it as well that he leapt at her and gave her a huge hug - just about knocking her off her feet.  I just love that it captured that moment of surprise and joy on her face.  I love that he gave that to her as she was giving something to one of them.  Although it might be great to have a sharper photo, it really doesn't matter as I'm just grateful that I managed to snap it and also I think somehow the blurring shows the authenticity of the emotion even better than if it were 'technically' perfect.

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